Floating Selling home

Sell Your Floating Home

So you’ve decided to sell your floating home, what’s next?

Lake Union is a unique and diverse area with distinct waterfront communities. Each neighborhood appeals to a different buyer. To obtain the highest possible sales price for your home, the marketing must reach the right buyers with the right message.

With the advancements in today’s technology, people have changed the way they buy and sell floating homes. It’s more difficult now than ever before to sell your floating home by simply hanging a sign on it or telling your friends at your local dock.

It’s more important than ever to have your floating home represented by an experienced Realtor who specializes in the sale of floating homes and can navigate its complexities.

You won’t find any other real estate broker with the background and negotiation experience that Dave Reith possesses. Put Dave’s expertise and resources to work for you and put more money in your pocket to start your next adventure.

Save time and money by listing with Dave Reith!


Marketing That Sells Your Floating Home